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    • Always carry out the pre-use safety inspection of the truck when using it for the first time in any shift.
    • Any equipment found to be faulty or decfective at any time must be parked safely and reported to the management.
    • Forklift operators should only operate those trucks which they are qualified and licensed to drive.
    • When mounting or dismounting follow the safe method taught to you during your training.
    • The last thing you do before you move off is "LOOK"
    • Keep your arms, legs and head inside the operators cab.
    • Never exceed the trucks safe working load.
    • Always position the load into the heel of the forks for stability. Do not attempt to move unstable loads.
    • Slow down where aisles cross: at sharp curves: ramps: blind corners: on the wet, slippery or uneven floors: in congested areas and when vision is limited or obstructed.
    • Never drive along with the forks raised and always lower before parking.
    • Watch out for pedestrians at all times.
    • Do not park on a ramp or incline.
    • Where your view is obstructed by the load being carried travel in reverse and look in the direction of travel.
    • Be aware of overhead obstructions when raising the forks or load.
    • Do not use damaged or defective pallets, stillages etc.
    • Forklift trucks should never be left unattended without first shutting off the power, removing the keys, neutralising the controls, setting the brakes and lowering the forks.